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tttrraaasshhh said:
Hey since you are into the Helenic practices would you know to tell me if Hermes could be considered a god of divination, since he is a messenger.. if he could bring us answers and such?

Hmm, I could be wrong, but I don’t think that is really His bag.

You see, Hermes is about communication. He sends important messages between gods, mortals, etc. So, in the case of divination, His probable participation would be more as the deliverer of the message, rather than the source of the message.

Apollo is the god associated most with prophecy and divination. So, if you felt like you really wanted to include Hermes in your divination, you could ask Him to deliver your queries to Apollo, and to swiftly bring you the answers. The same goes for any questions you want to ask any of the other gods (for instance, if you were asking about love, Hermes could deliver the message to Aphrodite).

Mind you, I don’t think that having Hermes as an intercessory is required; you could go straight to the source and call on the aid of Apollo for your divination.

Hope that helps, but if not you can definitely send me another message for clarification!

Thanks for asking! 

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