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Anonymous said:
Who are your top 5 blogs on Tumblr and why?

I would love, love, love to know who this Grey Face is! Hahaha!

They’ve been asking everyone this, and I’m just so curious!

But hmm…my top 5?

Ginandjack: Aside from House of Vines and A Forest Door, Gin was the first Dionysian blog I had come across, and the one that has inspired me the most. We have become friends in the last year, and I really value his insights and opinions. His poetry is bomb. And he’s just soo…soooo….awesome!

Thiscrookedcrown: Technically the first blog I followed on Tumblr (I came to Tumblr for Ginandjack, followed his posts to Crown, realised I needed to join because they were awesome, made an account, followed Crown, and then followed Gin immediately after.) She is blunt without being rude. She is making a living with her witchcraft. Super intelligent and well researched, and a really great blend of geek and witch. Her posts are always well balanced and I love her personality. She’s adorable, and has a beautiful brain!

Inthebarrows & Bellsandbones: These two are engaged, and he proposed to her over Tumblr. It made my heart squeal when I was reading their backlogs and saw this. Neither of them post as often as I wish they would, but Bells is a beautiful artist (some of my favourite Dionysus art is by her) and a fellow Dionysian, and Barrows makes beautiful and thoughtful posts about devotion to Hermes. But really it’s because they are such kind people that regularly drop me notes to see how I am doing in real life, and they are so thoughtful and sweet!

Daoineile: He is my friendly editor for my fanfic, but is also a fantastic blogger. He is creating his own spiritual path and religion based on his experience with the Otherside and Those he has encountered there. It’s really quite brave and inspiring, and I really admire his dedication to his path.

Fleursmasculines: It got really difficult to pick last person, so I decided to go with this one because they are not a blog I know personally at all, and I loooooooove their blog’s collection of photos. They are essentially what my blog would be if I stopped reblogging witchcraft stuff. A beautiful blend of masculinity and flowers (a juxtaposition I am very drawn to in my magical and religious life), I love almost every post they make, but I have to try to remain composed and in control, otherwise my blog would just end up being a reblogged carbon-copy of theirs! I love their aesthetic!

Other blogs I love and follow, in no particular order:

Also, generally popular blogs I still fangirl over (and who have all reblogged me, or messaged me personally and are fucking awesome and I love them, and kind of are of the “they need no introduction” variety, but still…):

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