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Huh, I'm the other way around. Infinite scrolling = you go to the trouble of finding the tumblr that caters to your exact fetish and then you can't even read the archives without crashing your computer. At least you should be able to choose.

Hmmm, trufax.
By the time my computer gets that laggy I’m usually over it and onto another blog though.

But yeah, being able to choose would be awesome!

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Guys, I know this is totally not the regular subject matter of my blog, and I’ve just gained a whole bunch of followers so maybe I shouldn’t be saying this…but, well, I’ve just got to….

I have eternal stink-eye for porn blogs that don’t have infinite scroll on their blogs. I mean really people, you know our hands are occupied! I can’t be clicking around to change pages!


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These are some tips I wish I had when I was starting out in witchcraft. :)

1. Do your own research
2. Don’t be afraid to read about ‘taboo’ topics
3. Library’s are great places (if you can’t find a book your looking for , you can get one shipped from another library for free)
4. Their are many magical subjects
5. You don’t need any tools
6. You can work magic in the kitchen with everyday ingredients
7. You can write your own spells
8. Don’t do anything your not comfortable doing
10. Don’t forget to Take notes (book of shadows)

#2 is really important.
A lot of Pagan/neoWiccan flavoured books, even the ones that focus on witchcraft, tend to get pretty bossy about what should and shouldn’t be done with your magic. You should follow your own interests. Even if you don’t see yourself ever using something ‘taboo’, read up on it and know why you don’t want to use it in your craft. You might end up being inspired and using it, or you’ll have an informed opinion about it and understand why your values and morals are what they are.

And while I generally agree with #5, it’s worth clarifying that you might not need and tools. And again you might not need any tools. Tools are just that; tools. They are there to help you in your craft. If you find that they encumber you, or that you have your means of directing your magic, you might not need them. That doesn’t mean that no one does. Try it both ways, and let people practice their personal craft as they need.

Which brings me to another point for #5. You don’t need tools….unless the tradition you associate with requires them. Ceremonial traditions are renowned for their precise instructions regarding tools, ritual drama, etc. If you associate with them and want to call your craft by one of their titles, you must use tools as they instruct. If you join a coven and they insist that you use a wand, or scourge, or herbs, or stones, well then you must use those tools as long as you are working with them. In your private, personal practice you can do as you choose, but if you work in a group’s paradigm, then you should stay true to their instructions so long as you ‘advertise’ as part of their group.

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To quote Nicki Minaj:
"Pretty gang make noise! Pretty gang make noise!
Pretty gang act the fuck up! Act the- act the fuck up!!!”




I wanted to start my writings about the Stardust Compass by explaining more about who I truly am. For in truth, I see much of the Stardust Compass as a reflection of where I’ve been so far in my life. However, what form the Stardust Compass shall take in the future is open for all of us to sculpt.

'Begin at the beginning,' the King said, very gravely, 'and go on till you come to the end: then stop.'
— Lewis Carroll

Note: this is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written in my life. It contains a whole lot of information I almost-never / never have shared with any other human beings. Yet, as you will discover within this post, I was commanded to share it. And thus, so shall I obey.

The First Steps

I started to practice magick (via pop-Wicca) back in Junior High (circa 1995). I knew very little… but I had the internet, a book I acquired all on my own, and a gut reaction that magick and witchcraft was something I was supposed to do for some reason.

During a majority of my first rituals I was receiving spirit communications. Looking back, they happened with

Read More

I’ve been chatting with Shivian a bit this last week or two, and he’s been giving me little tidbits about all of this. I’m excited for him that he is finally get this out there, and I am excited to see where it leads!

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I’m putting this out there again:

Sometimes I reblog things and use the “general you” without thinking.
Chances are I’m not actually talking to the OP directly (or at least uniquely), but I’m just reblogging with comments for my followers because I think it’s an interesting topic.

So if I ever post something, or reblog from you, and it seems like I’m talking 101 shit to your 303 behind, just remember that I might have just written in the wrong tone and wasn’t actually directing it at you!

Sorry about that, guys. I know it’s happened a few times.

Don’t hate me!

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Energy Manip came like… three or four years after I was doing witchcraft and spell casting. 

So there were no tingles to be had for a lot, a lot, a LOT of the spells I was working.


It’s why I view Energy Manip as a separate practice from my witchcraft practice, because it’s a non-thing for me. Something to do in addition to my witchcraft. 

I may have mentioned this before somewhere on this blog, but, like, I am a big fat zero when it comes to “feelings”.

Like, every witch and Pagan I know seems to have some sort of skill; they are empaths, or clairvoyant, or they read cards with frightening accuracy (no, like, they scare people), or even something as simple as “I can’t be grounded”. Like, a friend of mine is so untethered, energetically, that the weight of a group of people trying to ground/centre him before ritual made them all feel suffocated, and he was still flitting around like a little fairy dancer boy.

And then there’s me.

I have zero ‘feelings’. I don’t pick things up and get messages, and I don’t see things when meditating. There isn’t any buzzing, or tingling, or tugging, or whistling. I don’t ‘feel’ shit. Sometimes I am apparently quite intuitive, but I don’t get ‘feelings’. I just know things. I know what spell a person needs. Or I know that there is a dragon living in that crystal ball under a cloth (true story). But when those things happen, I honestly feel like I’m guessing. I get the same feeling when people give me word or logic problems and I think I know the answer but feel like I’ve skipped a step, or missed a detail. Kind of like “….ok, do I’m gonna say this. I’m pretty sure that it’s right. But it might be wrong. But I think you’ll understand why I said it even if it is wrong, so don’t look at me like I’m stupid!”

I read about and experience all kinds of reactions that other people have with magic, and I cannot even kind of relate to them. I am a ‘woo’-less witch. Two feet on ground. Boring.

But that doesn’t mean my spellwork doesn’t work! I worked at a witchcraft store and had many return customers who would specifically ask for my spellwork. I have used it throughout my life to make things happen.

Don’t get hung up on feelings if the evidence is right in front of you that something is working. Just because we can’t feel gravity crushing us into the earth doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just because we don’t feel the Earth spinning through space doesn’t mean that its orbit has stopped. Just because we can’t feel certain forces doesn’t mean that they aren’t at work. Magic may be the same for you. You just have to get used to noticing what to look for to confirm the outcomes of what you’ve done, instead of relying on ‘feelings’.

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Some of you are really cool folks and stuff, but you sometimes reblogs from people who either harrased me or harrased one of my friends and it just, really stressing…

I’m making this post as a “please, like/reblog this post if it’s okay to adress this and let you know about this person”.

In the same way, if I ever reblog from someone who is known for doing terrible things, please let me know and I’ll keep it in private if that’s your wish.


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I wish I could pagan like Anthos pagans tbh. 


I have seriously been sitting here for weeks thinking to myself “Ugh, I am the worst. I haven’t done anything proactive, worthwhile, or worshipful in MONTHS!! I am the literal WORST!”

But thank you, because that makes me feel less terrible.

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This is art by David Kawena.It looks like someone changed the colours and removed one of his watermarks (you can still see the Hebrew letters he uses in this guy&#8217;s chest).
The source blog seems to have done this with a bunch of David&#8217;s work. If they have his permission, they should probably be sourcing him more clearly!

This is art by David Kawena.
It looks like someone changed the colours and removed one of his watermarks (you can still see the Hebrew letters he uses in this guy’s chest).

The source blog seems to have done this with a bunch of David’s work. If they have his permission, they should probably be sourcing him more clearly!

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I have three tin cans and I hand them to you. One is canned pork. One is canned tuna. One is canned salmon. You are deathly allergic to fish. You are starving. 

None of them are labeled. 

See, its easy to just dig into a can and eat whatever is in it if you know that it won’t harm you. But if you know that two out of those three cans will put you in the hospital or worse, you will want that label. Even worse, you might not even know you have the allergy until you eat the fish in the can. 

People who are under represented find themselves in day-to-day conflict about where they belong and what is safe for them. Labels serve as a way to identify other people inside your community and establish safe places where otherwise there is the constant worry of judgment. 

Perhaps in a Utopian society, where everyone’s needs are met and no one judges anyone for anything, labels would be no longer necessary. And if you feel comfortable at this moment, not needing to label yourself to find community, that’s great and I hope that others achieve that level of comfort in one’s identity. 

But right now there are people fighting to even have their identifiers recognized. An outsider saying that ‘you don’t need them’ denies them a chance at community. For every person who sees a label as confinement, there is another who sees it as opportunity for escape. 

So before you go on that rant about how ‘labels are for soup cans,’ just remember that soup cans are labeled for a very good reason. (And put back that shirt from Hot Topic. Its way overpriced.)

A friend of mine recently mused, “It occurs to me that those who eschew labels are usually those who are disempowered by them.”

Obviously cishet white guys don’t want labels. It would put a name to the people suffering under them and help those people realize what is going on. You can ban together under a label, and that scares people in power.

Also, the act of labelling someone makes them feel ‘othered’, because they were just “normal” before, but suddenly they are cishet white males. Suddenly they are the sum of their parts, and not a person first, the same way other labeled groups are seen by them.

Labels are useful, and while I don’t make a habit of labelling others, sometimes it happens for a reason. Saying “we shouldn’t need labels” means that that person has never not known who they are or where they fit in. They’ve never had to search for camaraderie and support, without knowing who would be supporting them.

Labels are important, and until we reach that Utopian society, they will remain incredibly important.

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I just had a thought;

Did any of you start following me from the “Recommended Blogs” on your sidebar?

I know I’ve followed plenty of people from there, but it honestly only just occurred to me that I might be there for other people!

Did any of you find me that way?

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Anonymous said:
I feel drawn to Dionysus, but Honestly? I'm super shy, and I don't like drinking much. I like a beer now and then, but drinking and being drunk off my ass is unpleasant for me, mostly because of the morning after xD Can I still approach him, or does that make him off limits? I know that is a main thing for him, drinking and wine and partying :/

Oh, Anon, you are singing my song!

I was in exactly the same position as you not so long ago. Maybe even more complicated by the fact that hangovers weren’t my main deterrent; my morals and religious upbringing were!

Check it out on the main blog. This was one of the first and most important posts I ever made about Dionysus.

To expand on what I wrote there, and to further address your Ask:

Of course you can still approach Dionysus. Firstly, His bacchanals and rites were safe spaces. That meant that if you wanted to get drunk and dance and roll around in the dirt, you had a place to do it. Conversely, if you didn’t want to imbibe, you weren’t forced to either. Dionysus is the god of wine, but that isn’t meant strictly literally. His imagery as a dying god who is reborn is symbolized in the grapes and harvest. He is also the god of ecstasy, and while wine can bring on that state it is hardly the only way to do it. His bag isn’t only “get shit-faced and tear shit up!”. Dionysus is about the emptying of the self so the gods may enter and we can experience Them more completely. Drumming, dancing, chanting, meditation… all of these things are ways to achieve ecstasy!

In that vein, Dionysus isn’t just wine-drinking and partying. He is also a queer god, and a political god (in some regards), He is the god of theatre, and overseer of the oracle at Delphi. He is a barrier breaker, and a noise maker, and a shit disturber, and a brick thrower. You might be the odd one out if you worship Him and don’t drink, but you don’t have to excommunicate yourself for it!

If it isn’t the wine and partying that are drawing you to Him, then what is it? Evaluate what speaks to you and why. Make hard decisions, and be serious about it. Realizing that I was holding on to my identity as straight-edge to the detriment of myself was a really big deal, and incredibly hard to face. It was something I needed to let go. What self-relfection can He help you with, and what growth can He inspire?

Even if you decide to never drink a drop, remember that your personal relationship with the gods can be made sacred in so many ways. If you don’t drink, are you going to be the sacred guard of the grove? Are you going to make sure that no one gets themselves in trouble? Are you going to step in when someone doesn’t understand what ‘no’ means? Or, when someone doesn’t know how to say ‘no’? Are you going to hold someone’s hair back while they puke in a bush? Taking care of people is incredibly difficult, especially when it cuts into your enjoyment, but it is incredibly honourable and necessary. What is your place at the proverbial bacchanal?

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beneaththedolmen said:
Anthos! Forgive me if this information was on your blog somewhere, but I am very inspired by your worship of and relationship with Dionysus, and wonder if you could give a list of the prominent things you associate with him? Perhaps myth-wise and UPG? Thanks!

Firstly, thank you for being so patient with this reply; I went through a bunch of my archives, sifting and sorting, trying to find links to answer this before I realized that you said “associations” and not “offerings” or “symbols” or something like that. Damn.

Secondly, on to the answer.

I’m not sure what you mean by “myth-wise”, as Dionysus’ myths are His myths, and so I obviously associate them with Him. If you mean which are my favourites, I love the story of The Bacchae by Euripides, and I had a lot of fun compiling the different versions of His birth story as well (was He twice born? Thrice? Who was involved? Where did He go?).

In terms of ‘UPG’-type associations, I do have a couple.

My craft name is Anthos in honour of Dionysus and His/my associations with flowers. It is a greek word that means ‘flower’ or ‘bloom’. I associate bright flowers, and lush greenery with Dionysus. Flowers represent many things to me, but when dealing with Dionysus I associate them with Him because of His fecund aspects (Dionysus of the vine), because they are striking and powerful, though similarly delicate (Dionysus, the man-womanly), and because I associate them with birth, death, and eternal life or the dead (Dionysus has a lot tied up in birth/rebirth, and He is one of the few beings to have entered the Underworld uninvited and left of His own power).

I associate long hair with Him. Women with long hair, men with long hair. Any colour and any texture, but especially long dark brown hair with waves and curls. My introduction to Dionysus came when people said I looked like Him because of my long hair and a flower crown I was gifted. My first big devotional act for Him was growing out my hair. (You can read more about that here and here.)

Also genderfuckery, especially of a political or intentionally subversive style, is something I associate with Dionysus. His identity as a queer god is something very important to me, and so using gender as a tool for breaking barriers, or destroying dysfunctional systems in my community is something I do for Him as well.

Aside from that, you have His regular symbols; wine, grapes, goats, leopards, masks, etc.

Hope that’s what you were actually asking about!
If not, let me know!